Second Session of Training on Geospatial Web Application Development kicked off in Kathmandu University

The second session of training on “Geospatial Web Application Development” kicked off here in Kathmandu University. The event is organized by Geospatial lab-Department of Civil and Geomatics Engineering as a part of regular program to “Strengthening Geospatial Infrastructure and Research Capacity at Kathmandu University (GIRC-Geomatics)”.

The first session held between 9-11 April successfully completed with a concept building on web application development, its need and importance. Moreover, the session also completed basics and practical application of server side scripting along with database concepts.

First session of training accomplished the following tasks:

  • Introduction to Server Side Scripting and PHP
  • Target Audience and things to know about PHP with advantages
  • Installation of XAMPP
  • “Hello World” example
  • First PHP program execution
  • PHP Syntax and Configuration files
  • PHP comments and variables
  • Loop statements
  • Conditional statement
  • Opening and handling files
  • Concepts of array
  • Databases MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • PostgreSQL and PostGIS Installation
  • Scripting with PHP and HTML forms
  • Submitting and receiving  form data via PHP and HTML
  • Building login system using PHP and PostgreSQL
  • CRUD operation in users
  • Dashboard Creation using login roles
  • Basic Concepts of SQL
  • Preventing SQL Injection
  • Rest API using PHP
  • Project

Second session of training will accomplish following tasks:

  • Introduction to server side and client side scripting
  • Introduction to OpenLayers, JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery UI and DOM
  • Introduction to GeoServer and its capabilities
  • Some real world examples
  • OpenLayers :
    Intro and current status along with its major rivals
    Create a basic map
    Adding controls
    Making maps pretty with CSS and CSS3
    Using JavaScript to add more
    JavaScript Events and function
  • JQuery and JQuery UI
    Introduction and necessity
    Examples of DOM
    DOM Manipulation and models in detail
    JQuery UI implementation
  • GeoServer
    Recap and refreshment of GeoServer knowledge
    Comparison with other mapping libraries
    Setting up a basic Web Map Service (WMS) with GeoServer, shape file and PostGIS
  • WMS Getfeatureinfo using GeoServer and OpenLayers
  • Alternate Geofeatureinfo using PHP and JQuery
  • WFS with OpenLayers and concept of proxy
  • Asynchronous and Synchronous requests with OpenLayers and JQuery
  • Web Feature Service (WFS) Editing
  • Intro to GeoExt and Ext JS (if time allows)
  • Merging with JQuery/ JQuery UI, GeoExt and OpenLayers
  • Enter HTML5 and Geolocation
  • Using PHP and OpenLayers together to create something new
  • Create a real world mapping application using the above learned technologies

The trainer for the whole session of training, 15-17 May, will be Bishrant Adhikari. He is a past student of Geomatics Engineering at Kathmandu University who has proved himself as a best Geospatial Web Application Developer contributing for diverse needs in a short span of time.


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