Alpha version of “Disaster Reporting”, an android application for disaster relief and rehabilitation released

Geospatial Lab, Department of Civil and Geomatics Engineering, Kathmandu University released a minimal version of android app for disaster reporting. The reporting mainly includes the disaster incident, it’s impact and needs. We hope the app is self-explaining but if you find something to change please do mail us at

Click here to Download Disaster Reporting Android Application 

Due to sudden earthquake with small time limit, the app’s look and feel is not yet charming but it’s functionality and task will be helpful for disaster relief and rehabilitation.
The full version of the android and web app with good look and feel will be on the web and Google play by 10th of May but for now please cooperate with some bugs and user interface. Also, the reports will be published in the web maps.

Your one report can change the lives of hundreds who are in need.

Screenshot_2015-05-08-22-22-27 Screenshot_2015-05-08-22-22-52


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