“Disaster Reporting”, an android application for household assessment released on Google Play Store

The android application developed by Geospatial Lab, Department of Civil and Geomatics Engineering, Kathmandu University in collaboration with International Center for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) is now available on Google Play. The app can be downloaded for free. The app is intended towards ground sourcing data collection of individual households. Anyone willing to report can download the app and report but it will be verified before publishing.

Click Here to Download Disaster Reporting from Google Play

Google Playstore page for  "Disaster Reporting"

Google Playstore page for “Disaster Reporting”


About the Applicaiton

A detailed disaster reporting android app along with its impacts and reporting of needs.

All reports details is shown on map on our website.

Receive automatic notification whenever you enter a disaster affected area set by the admin.

Choose your area by creating geofence to receive notification whenever disaster occurs in that area.

Route to the nearest 15 hospitals,police stations or camp areas.

Instructions for Reporting:

  1. Register through app.You need to confirm the registration by opening your registered email.(Confirmation message may be in spam folder).
  2. Log in using registered email.
  3. After login it asks for download.You need to download the data for your first use.
  4. You can now view your location on the map.
  5. To report the incident go to report menu on the side navigation bar of the app.(You can also report by adding widget:”Quick Report” in you phone).
  6. For new report click on “New Report” button of app.Then select the incident type.(Earthquake is set by default on app).If you select “building damage”,it shows you the additional fields.You can take photo and then fill the forms for impacts and need.
  7. You need to enable your GPS or mobile data for reporting.
  8. You can collect many reports and can upload when you are connected to internet by clicking on “Upload all”.

 Instruction for Geofence:

  1. Go to Geofence Menu.
  2. Click on “Add New Geofence”.
  3. Choose the circle of polygon tab and then click on map for circle centre or draw polygon on map.
  4. Click on create geofence.
  5. You will now receive notification if any disaster geofences are created by our admin.You can also subscribe to only certain types of disasters from settings.
  6. You can view admin and your geofences in your home screen by turning on switch “Admin” and/or “User”


This android app is for the use in Nepal and so contains osm map of Nepal only.


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